About Us

As a mother of two girls with a significant difference in age, I have come to realize how precious time is and how quickly moments seem to pass us. As a very young mother, I must say that I didn't appreciate time. This awareness hit me once I had my second child, almost a decade later!   

With that grew inspiration to curate a space that allows us to slow down and find stillness in the present moment.

The vision behind Blissfully Lavender Boutique is simple:

"To bring bliss in dressing our children through all seasons."

Through this online space, I want to create a community to inspire families to enjoy life's simple treasures, our children. All items are hand selected from the trendiest emerging brands from around the world to ease your online shopping experience. We ensure high-quality fabrics while maintaining a timeless appeal. Whether you are shopping for special occasions, gifts, baby essentials, toys, or just for the sake of shopping, we are your all-inclusive shop for all your baby and children's needs.

A special thank you:

To my husband for always encouraging my dreams and pushing me to chase after them; for helping me make this vision into a reality.
To my beautiful girls, who fill my heart with never ending love and daily inspiration.

Nonetheless, we hope you enjoy shopping with us as much as we enjoyed creating this space.